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Window Tinting Training

Window Tinting Training is our best-selling training course. It lasts one week and it’s very intensive which means that you will learn everything you need to know to start this business immediately after the training.

You will be trained with the latest tools and techniques with a lot of hands on practice. The training is broken down into 20% of theory and 80% of hands-on experience.

You will practice on different cars and all types of glasses. Our Grand Mater trainers will tell you all the tips and show you how they do it, so you could practice the same techniques with their help. And if you like you can tint your own car during the training.

What will you learn?

Hands on practice includes:
  • How to prepare the glass for film installation
  • How to measure the glass and pre-cut the films without a lot of waste
  • How to apply the film on the glass to start shrinking
  • How to do different window film shrinking techniques
  • How to use heat gun and squeegees to shape the film
  • How to cut and trim the films on the glass without damaging the car
  • How to do installation technique for side, front, and one-piece rear window
  • How to deal with different types of window: roll downs, fixed glass, etc.
  • How to deal with complex curves and edges
  • How to do heat shrinking of rear windows, in order to apply the film in one-piece
  • How to do glass edge finishing using a file, a knife and a micro edge
  • How to do a proper quality control and fix mistakes
  • How to do tint removal
Theoretical part includes:
  • Learning about all types of window tinting films, their benefits and limitations
  • How to start and run window tinting business successfully
  • Tips on setting pricing, warranty and legal issues
  • Marketing and sales techniques for window tinting business
Training package includes:
  • One week 8-hours per day tailored training with Black Glass Grand Masters
  • Training in real environment: practice on different types of cars and glasses
  • Training equipment: professional films and tools for practice
  • Educational training manual with the most important information
  • Complementary tools: squeegees, hard cards and knives
  • Certificate of competence
  • Unlimited support after training
  • Special discounts for films and tools
Advanced Course:
For those of you who have window tinting experience and want to refresh or improve your tinting skills and get some tips and hints, we organize advance 2-day training course totally tailored to your needs, so you can speed up your installation process and bring it on the next level.

Why is Window Tinting so popular?

    Reduce the temperature inside the vehicle up to 15°C in the summer season

    Blocks 99% of UV rays which why is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

    Heat reduction leads to reduction of air conditioner usage, which means lower fuel consumption

    Increases shatter resistance and prevents glass shards from scattering if the window breaks

    Enhance appearance of the vehicle, make it look luxurious and provides privacy

Window tints give aesthetic enhancements to a car, making it look more elegant, modern and luxurious. Some people like darker shades to ensure their privacy, while others prefer lighter shades. But the best of all, window tinting provides the most efficient heat and UV protection.

High-quality sun protection automotive tints dim strong sunlight, reduce the temperature inside the vehicle and filter out 99% of harmful UV rays, making the car’s interior cooler and more comfortable. By Blocking UV rays, the film prevents overheating of the electrical equipment in the car and prevents the internal furnishing from fading. But the most important, it protects drivers and passengers’ skin from harmful UV rays.

Automotive films have also important safety function. In case of an accident and glass breakage, the films hold shattered glass together, preventing them from scattering and protecting the people in the car against serious injuries.

So, when you are tinting windows, you’re not just selling better looks, you actually provide comfort and safety for the driver and his family.

What makes this business so good?

When you learn window tinting skills you will be able to tint any car by yourself in 3-4 hours. Base on that you can easily count your possible income and you don’t need to work every day 8 hours per day.

With these skills you can have several income streams and offer your services to a wide range of clients such as people who just want to enhance the looks of their car, people who want window tinting to provide heat and UV protection for their family, professional drivers who want safety and comfort, celebrities who just want privacy behind tinted windows, car dealers who want to offer additional service to their clients etc. Later on, you can also expand your services with car wrapping and architectural films.

As you can see, window tinting is currently one of the best ways to create your own automotive business! And the best time to start is right now!
Become Professional Window Tint Installer
Become Professional Window Tint Installer