World-class Trainings

Develop your skills for Window Tinting, Car Wrapping, or Flat Glass Films Installation in just a week!

Training Rules

Black Glass Academy provides various courses that develop your skills for window tinting, car wrapping, and flat glass films installation. Here are our top 10 rules for world-class trainings that we provide for you:
1. No previous experience needed
To start with this business, you do not need previous experience, degrees or any other qualifications. The only thing you actually need is your will to learn new skills. And if you like cars that’s even better. All you need to know you will learn during our trainings.
2. Easy-to-follow trainings
Our trainings are designed to provide you with basic, intermediate and advance installation practices. You'll be given all the information through a step-by-step demonstration, and then you will try it out and practice with our help. That’s the best way to learn new skills. And once you learn it, you will see that’s easy!
3. Learning form Grand Masters
When you have good masters, who share their experience, including proven top tips and teach you solutions for good quality and fast installation, the learning process is much easier. Our Grand Masters have proven ability to get you up from having zero experience to a competent level very quickly. All our students did it, so you can do it too!
4. Tailored hands-on trainings
We work in a real environment, on real cars and panels to give you the confidence to go out and do it on your own. For every step in a process of installation, you will first see how to do it and then you will practice until you cover all techniques. As our trainings are 1-2-1, we can customize them to your requirements. It can be organized in our training center or at your location if this would be better for you.
5. Practice with professional tools
We organize intensive learning with professional equipment that we provide. You will be using the same tools and films we use for our customers’ cars and learning the same techniques that give us perfect results. All films and materials are included in training costs for each student.
6. Training manual
During the training you will receive the Training manual, so you can use it as a reminder whenever you need it. In the Training manual you can find all important stages of installation process with the most important techniques and tips from our Grand Masters. Also, in the Training manual you will have the most important advices for sales and communication with your clients.
7. Business advices
We know how to go from nowhere to very profitable business and we can help you succeed. So, it’s not just tinting and wrapping that you will learn on our trainings. If you are interested to start with your own business, we'll give you extensive advices on setting up your business, setting pricing, warranty and legal issues, as well as marketing and sales techniques to ensure that you can launch and run your own business successfully.
8. Certificate of competence
After training completion, you will have a final test to make sure you've learned everything you need. Upon passing this, you will receive a certificate of competence and you will officially become a certified installer with immediate credibility.
9. After-training Support
We know how much support is important at early beginnings, so we don’t stop at training. We give our students unlimited telephone support and advice, not only with installation queries and technical advice, but also with the business questions. And if you have some big projects that you can’t finish by yourself, we can even organize to send our team members to help you out.
10. Special discounts
During the training we will show you different types of films and tools and we will explain you what to expect from each of those. During the training you will be given initial tools to make your start even easier. And after you finish the training as our certified student, you will have special discounts for the best professional films and tools. And that’s just the beginning!

* Additional opportunities
For the best students, we offer different opportunities for business cooperation with our company.
Get the best training and master these lucrative skills
Get the best training and master these lucrative skills