Ultimate Wrapping Skills

Learn Professional Car Wrapping Techniques

Car Wrapping Training

Car wrapping training lasts one week when we will take you through every aspect of wrapping procedure, so you can get up to speed pretty quickly.

You will be trained with the latest tools and techniques with a lot of hands on practice. The training is broken down into 20% of theory and 80% of hands-on experience.

You will be wrapping different vehicles in real life conditions. Our Grand Mater trainers will tell you all the tips and show you how they do it, so you could practice the same techniques with their help. And you can actually wrap your own vehicle during the training which can be your own advert to promote your business while driving.

What will you learn?

Hands on practice includes:
  • How to prepare the car surface before installation
  • How to measure a vehicle and do film pre-cuts
  • How to apply the film on the vehicle
  • How to use heat gun and squeegees to shape the film
  • How to protect both your hands and the film on the car
  • How to deal with complex curves and door edges
  • How to do film repositioning if needed
  • How to trim and cut the films without damaging paintwork
  • How to do a proper quality control and fix mistakes
  • How to do car film removal
Hands on practice also includes:
  • Paint Protection Film installation
  • Vehicle Graphics installation
  • Interior Car Wrapping
Theoretical part includes:
  • Learning about all types of car wrapping films, their benefits and limitations
  • How to start and run car wrapping business successfully
  • Tips on setting pricing, warranty and legal issues
  • Marketing and sales techniques for car wrapping business
Training package includes:
  • One week 8-hours per day tailored training with Black Glass Grand Masters
  • Training in real environment: practice on different types of vehicles
  • Training equipment: professional films and tools for practice
  • Educational training manual with the most important information
  • Complementary tools: squeegees, knives and pair of gloves
  • Certificate of competence
  • Unlimited support after training
  • Special discounts for films and tools
Advanced Course:
For those of you who have car wrapping experience and want want to refresh or improve your wrapping skills and get some tips and hints, we organize advance 2-day training course totally tailored to your needs, so you can speed up your installation process and bring it on the next level.

Why is Car Wrapping so popular?

    Makes car look modern and brand new and even personalized with unique films

    Give cars a fresh new look with small changes on roof, wing mirrors, spoilers, etc.

    Invisible film protects original paint from scratches with self-healing mechanism

    It’s more affordable than car painting and gives more colour and finishes options

    Wraps can be removed anytime without damaging car’s original paint

Car wrapping is the easiest way to upgrade and transform the look of any car. People love vinyl wrapping because it allows them to express themselves and personalize their vehicles. It makes them feel like their vehicle is individual and special.

Some people just want to change the color of their car, some want to protect the original paintwork from scratches with invisible Paint Protection Films and others may want to have custom-designed pattern or branded vehicle to promote their business.

Car Wrapping gives people endless options to dress their car exactly the way they want - from full to component wrapping of individual parts of a vehicle such as roofs, wing mirrors, spoilers, bonnets, and interior parts. Films are available in different colors and finishes such as matte, matte metallic, glosses, and different decorative effects.

So, when you are wrapping cars, you’re not just changing the color, you can also make the artwork.

    What makes this business so good?

    When you learn car wrapping skills you will be able to wrap any vehicle by yourself in 3-4 days. Base on that you can easily count your possible income and you don’t need to work every day.

    With these skills you can do wide range of services and have several income streams. You can do full car wraps, partial wrapping, interior car wrapping, branded wraps, or highly profitable paint protection film installation that we also cover during the training. And you you can offer to your clients a wide range of car wraps, encouraging unique looks. Later on, you can also expand your services with window tinting and architectural films.

    As you can see, car wrapping is currently one of the most interesting ways to develop your own automotive business! And the best time to start is right now!
    Become Professional Car Wrap Installer
    Become Professional Car Wrap Installer