Meet Black Glass®

The leader in installation of automotive and architectural films

Our Story

With good idea and great enthusiasm, we started in 2006 from a small garage in Belgrade. Without previous experience, with a lot of persistence and beginner errors during the learning period, we slowly improved and mastered the techniques of foils installation.

Very soon after that, the recommendations of satisfied clients followed, and this was the crucial moment for the development of the company. As soon as we mastered the window tinting skills, we began to develop car wrapping and architectural foil installation. Thanks to the quality of installation and materials, right marketing tools and sales techniques we expanded our business and recorded a two-digit growth each year.

Becoming the Leader in Europe

After more than a decade of work, Black Glass has become the largest film installation company in Europe with services in more than 20 countries. From the very beginning, our mission was to improve the ordinary. And now, with even more enthusiasm, we continue to ehnahnce the looks and functionality of cars, homes and offices.

We are proud to say that there are no cars that we have not yet done, from oldtimers to the latest models of cars that we work in collaboration with the leading car dealers. In the field of architecture, we have installed films for various commercial buildings, private homes, embassies, airports, retail stores, bank branches, famous hotels, as well as schools and hospitals for which we work under special conditions as part of our contribution to the community.

Today, Black Glass® is a registered and protected brand representing the guarantee of quality for top-notch materials and installation.

Foundation of Black Glass Academy

As our business was expanding and the market growing, we needed more and more professional installers. However, it was not easy to find people with enough knowledge and experience to install the films according to the highest standards. For this reason, it was higly important for us to invest in the development of training so that the new members of our team could master these skills since the voulme of work was growing constantly.

Over time, people from different cities started asking us to help them learn these skills in order to develop their own business. Thus, the foundation of the Black Glass Academy was a completely spontaneous response to the demands of the market.

In the last few years we have trained hundreds of people, from more than 20 different cities in window tinting, car wrapping and flat glass film installation. We are happy that we've helped them achieve their business dreams by sharing our experience, latest techniques and tips, as well as successful business strategies. And we can help you too!

Black Glass Services

Check out our company websites for different services that we provide every day and see how we do it.

Window tinting

From 0 to 100% tinting
UV protection up to 99.5%
Up to 15ºC reduction
7-12 year warranty

Car wrapping

Glossy or matte car wraps
Decorative or branded films
Invisible paint protection films
3-5 year warranty

Architectural films

Protective and decorative
UV protection up to 99.5%
Up to 15ºC reduction
10 year warranty

Car glasses

Reparation of car glasses
Replacement of windshields,
side and rear glasses
10 year warranty